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1 Year After House Passed ACA Repeal, Heller’s Broken Health Care Promises Still in the Spotlight

Exactly 365 days ago, Republicans in the House celebrated passing their dangerous health care bill, which would have caused hundreds of thousands of Nevadans to lose their insurance coverage and sent premiums soaring. Not long after, Sen. Dean Heller would go on to betray Nevadans, break the promise he made to his constituents to protect their health care, and vote for the GOP’s destructive repeal agenda.

To this day, Sen. Heller has continued to support efforts to sabotage and repeal the Affordable Care Act every chance he gets – despite the disastrous ramifications it would have on Nevada’s working families.

Now, health care is proving to be a top issue for Nevada voters heading into the 2018 election. A brand new poll finds that Nevadans support the ACA and reject partisan efforts to repeal the law instead of fixing it.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“This one-year anniversary is a clear reminder for Nevadans that Sen. Heller and his party leaders remain obsessed with trying to take health care away from thousands of hardworking Nevadans so they can score political points. Sen. Heller had countless opportunities to follow through on his promise to stand with Gov. Sandoval and stand up for his constituents, but instead he caved to the wishes of Mitch McConnell and President Trump. Sen. Heller’s decision to sell out Nevadans’ health care last year was the biggest mistake of his political career, and we won’t let him forget it.”