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Heller-Backed Sabotage Leads to Millions More Uninsured, Rising Costs & “Materially Worse” Health Care System

It’s been a year since Sen. Dean Heller and his Republican colleagues started trying to repeal and undermine the Affordable Care Act in earnest… and the fallout of their toxic health care agenda has been a catastrophe. Thanks to this Heller-supported agenda, millions more are without health insurance, families are facing skyrocketing costs, and the exchanges are being destabilized by partisan politics.

Under President Trump and GOP control of Congress, the uninsured rate is spiking and millions of Americans have lost their health insurance.

Trump’s former Secretary of Health and Human Services admitted that the GOP tax bill’s individual mandate repeal will increase health care costs and hurt people on the exchange.

One of the nation’s leading ACA insurers said things are ‘materially worse’ because of the Trump administration’s efforts to systematically undermine the health care system.