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Laxalt Ducks NRA Event to Hide His True Views from Nevadans

Today, Adam Laxalt finally answered one of the questions everyone’s been asking him — will he attend the NRA’s annual convention on May 4th after his photo was mysteriously scrubbed from the event’s website in February and he continued to dodge questions about it?

As it turns out, the Republican gubernatorial hopeful is too afraid of showing Nevadans just how close he is with the Washington, DC gun lobby. But Laxalt has a long history of doing the NRA’s bidding, and trying to hide from it won’t change the fact that Nevadans know just how much of a “wind-up toy for the NRA” he really is.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Laxalt’s attempt to hide his allegiance to the NRA from Nevadans is laughable. The fact is, there’s nothing Laxalt can do at this point to convince Nevadans he’s anything but a puppet for the gun lobby. Laxalt should share his answers to the questionnaire the NRA sent to Nevada candidates so voters know exactly how little daylight exists between his views and the gun lobby’s.”