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Despite Bipartisan Senate Efforts, Heller Still Won’t Protect Mueller Investigation

A bipartisan group of senators on the Judiciary Committee passed legislation today protecting special counsel Robert Mueller from any attempt by President Trump to fire him in the midst of the Russia investigation. Four Republicans, including committee chairman Chuck Grassley, voted for the bill.

While some senators work across the aisle to safeguard Mueller’s tenure, Nevada’s GOP Sen. Dean Heller said this month he would NOT support this bipartisan legislation protecting the special counsel from being fired without cause. By refusing to proactively protect the Mueller investigation, Heller appears to be taking orders from Mitch McConnell to let President Trump fire at will.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Despite frequent threats by President Trump to fire the special counsel, Sen. Heller is parroting party leaders and burying his head in the sand instead of working with a bipartisan group of senators to uphold the integrity of our democracy. The president must be held accountable, but Sen. Heller has decided to be nothing more than a spineless rubber stamp for President Trump and Mitch McConnell. Nevadans know Sen. Heller can’t be trusted to stand up against partisan politics to do what’s right, and they will replace him at the ballot box in November.”