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Heller Skips Senate Finance Committee Hearing to Avoid Listening to Economists Slam the GOP Tax Bill

Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee—which Sen. Dean Heller is a member of—held a hearing about early impressions of the new tax law enacted by Republicans. Witnesses railed against the tax bill for being fiscally irresponsible and a poorly written giveaway to the wealthy. One key voice was conspicuously absent from the discussion: Nevada’s senior senator and self-proclaimed tax bill author Dean Heller.

Here are just a few of the problems with the bill so far:





Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“After bragging about how he helped write the GOP’s disastrous tax scam, Sen. Heller declined to show up to hear about how this new law is exploding the national debt and being exploited to benefit the wealthiest Americans. Heller’s decision to skip yesterday’s hearing is further proof that he’s burying his head in the sand when it comes to the real economic consequences of this fiscally irresponsible tax bill mess.”