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Laxalt Doesn’t Want Voters to Know His Far-Right Views

A new story today in the Reno Gazette-Journal on the various policy positions of gubernatorial hopefuls shows just how out of step Republican candidate Adam Laxalt is with Nevadans. On issue after issue, Laxalt demonstrates his reticence to reveal his true far-right views because he knows he’s not on the same page as voters.

Here are the key takeaways from Laxalt’s responses (or lack thereof) and the truth behind his views he doesn’t want voters to know.

Gun Violence: Laxalt is the only candidate who wouldn’t seek to enforce Question 1, the ballot initiative to expand background checks that voters approved in 2016.

  • The facts: Laxalt has been an obstacle to following through with the will of Nevada voters, refusing to lift a finger to find a way to enforce the measure.

“[Laxalt] has said he would consider legislation banning bump stocks….Laxalt went on to say he believes the controversial gun add-ons will be regulated at the federal level, ‘which should adequately resolve this issue.’”

  • The facts: Laxalt has failed to commit to supporting a state-level bump stock ban, choosing to punt to the federal government instead of showing leadership.

Education: “Laxalt, too, wants to do away with the Sandoval-backed commerce tax [to fund public education], but said he would rely on marijuana taxes and government cost-cutting to make up the school funding gap.”

  • The facts: Laxalt’s ideas for how to make up the hundreds of millions lost in biannual school funding from cutting the commerce tax have been called “laughable,” and he has consistently demonstrated ignorance on how education funding works in the state budget.

Affordable Housing: “Laxalt said he was open to exploring ways to make it easier for developers to build new housing, but didn’t say which specific proposals he favored.”

Health Care: “Laxalt has said he would consider imposing restrictions on Medicaid recipients, as Kentucky’s Republican Gov. Matt Bevin recently announced he would do in his state.”

  • The facts: Laxalt doesn’t support Gov. Brian Sandoval’s decision to expand Medicaid, a program that Laxalt’s patrons the Koch brothers see as an easy cut to get voters on board with slashing Social Security and Medicare.

Reproductive Rights: “Laxalt also declined to respond to a question about whether abortions should always be legally available, explaining that was an ‘extremist phrasing of the issue.’”

  • The facts: Laxalt has taken three separate actions as attorney general this year alone to restrict women’s access to abortion.

Marijuana: “Laxalt opposed Nevada voters’ decision to approve recreational pot use in 2016 and did not directly answer a question about whether it should be legal at the federal level.”

Read the full story online here.