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Nevada’s First 4/20 With Recreational Marijuana Sheds Light on Heller’s Stoned Cold Silence

While Nevadans celebrate the state’s first 4/20 with legalized and regulated recreational marijuana, today is also a potent reminder of Sen. Dean Heller’s refusal to stand up for good-paying jobs and small businesses in the state he represents – not to mention the will of Nevada voters who decided overwhelmingly to legalize marijuana.

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened Nevada’s marijuana industry earlier this year, Heller responded with a “lukewarm statement that declined to take a side and refused to even criticize the Justice Department. Thankfully, Democrats and Republicans like Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado filled in for Heller’s total lack of leadership. Last week, Gardner apparently succeeded in getting President Trump to commit to supporting new legislation that would respect states’ rights on regulating marijuana—no thanks to Heller.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“If there’s one thing we know to expect from Sen. Heller, it’s that he can’t be counted on to stand up against his party to put Nevadans first. While Democrats and even other Republican Senators fought back against the Trump Administration’s attack on our respected, successful and well-regulated marijuana industry, Heller sat on the sidelines and prioritized his own political self-interest. To be blunt, Sen. Heller’s equivocation on marijuana is further proof that he’s too spineless to do this job, and it’s high time for Nevada voters to hold him accountable.”