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Nevada Students Take a Stand for Gun Safety Reform on National School Walkout Day. Whose Side Will Heller Take?

Today, students across Nevada are making their voices heard loud and clear – they’re tired of seeing their safety put at risk because of politicians who refuse to take action against gun violence. As young Nevadans take a bold stand for their lives, Nevada’s Republican Sen. Dean Heller remains bought and paid for by the gun lobby and recklessly refuses to support meaningful commonsense gun safety reform measures.

In 2013, Heller refused to support bipartisan background check legislation and couldn’t even articulate a coherent explanation for voting against it because his opposition was rooted in fear of retribution from the gun lobby.

Even after his own state experienced the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, Heller indicated this month that he supports the status quo on gun safety and refused to support expanding background checks on gun sales to close dangerous loopholes in the system. As the Associated Press noted last month, Heller has been conspicuously silent and declined to address specifics about his positions on new gun safety legislation.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“No student should ever have to worry about their safety when they walk into a classroom. While these young Nevadans are using their voices to stand up for positive change and call for action, the Republican-controlled Congress has yet to do anything to meaningfully address gun violence. Nevadans will remember Sen. Heller’s inaction and empty silence when they head to the polls in November.”