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#TBT: Despite Neverending Scandals, Heller Still ❤️ Pruitt

As calls for Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt’s resignation continue to get louder, one person who’s been noticeably silent is Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller. Pruitt has come under fire for wasting taxpayer money on frequent first-class flights, using a loophole to try to give staff members massive raises, illegally spending thousands installing a phone booth, and getting a sweetheart deal on a D.C. condo from a Big Oil lobbyist.

Rewind to just over a year ago, when this is what Heller, under fire for voting to confirm Pruitt, told Nevadans:

“If I don’t like his policies I won’t support him, it’s as simple as that,” Heller said of new EPA chief Scott Pruitt. “If I like his policies, I will support him.”

The message Heller is now sending with his silence is clear: he’s got no problem with Pruitt violating ethics rules or wasting taxpayer money on first-class flights, unnecessary pay raises, and an illegal phone booth.

Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement on Heller’s continued silence:

“How many scandals will it take until Sen. Heller finally joins the chorus of voices from both sides of the aisle who are calling for Pruitt to resign? It should not take this long or be that difficult to speak out against a corrupt member of the President’s Cabinet who misuses taxpayer money and breaks ethics rules. But for someone as spineless as Heller, this is just par for the course.”