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NV Dems Seek Information on Duncan’s Fundraising Activities as State Employee

The NV Dems have filed public records requests to find out just how much time Republican attorney general candidate Wes Duncan spent fundraising for his campaign while working in the Nevada attorney general’s office. Over the weekend, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Duncan raised nearly $200,000 while working as a state employee in 2017, despite bragging multiple times about leaving the attorney general’s office in order to not campaign while taking a taxpayer-funded salary.

Duncan has made a point throughout his campaign to emphasize his decision to quit his job as first assistant attorney general, even pointing it out on his website. He told KPVM last November he “didn’t want to run for public office out of a state-employee position” and told radio host Kevin Wall he “felt that it’s the right thing to do” because “the citizens deserve someone that would be in there 100 percent.” He has been vocal about his “resign to run” proposal that would prohibit elected officials from running for office if they had significant time left in their current term, citing his decision to leave the attorney general’s office as an example.

Duncan wasn’t just raising money while in the attorney general’s office, he was spending it too. Over one-third of Duncan’s total campaign expenses in 2017 came from the time he was employed by the state. His expenses during that period included over $12,000 to consultants, over $7,000 for travel, and over $5,000 for advertising.

The NV Dems filed requests for the following information from Duncan’s time in the attorney general’s office in 2017:

  • Records of Duncan’s paid time off
  • Duncan’s scheduler’s email correspondence
  • Entry and exit logs associated with any electronic fobs or access cards assigned to Duncan to access the attorney general’s office
  • Duncan’s travel records
  • Duncan’s salary
  • Duncan’s official schedule


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Nevada voters deserve to know the truth about how Wes Duncan spent his time as a public official and if he engaged in any campaign activities on taxpayers’ time. If Duncan really believes in ‘not wanting to run for public office as a state employee,’ he should immediately return all campaign contributions received while serving as first assistant attorney general, and reimburse the state for any salary collected while he was campaigning on the job.”