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Nevadans’ Insurance Premiums Nearly Doubled as Laxalt Did Nothing to Stop Trump’s Health Care Sabotage

Thanks to Trump and Republicans’ unending crusade to dismantle our nation’s health care system, the average health insurance premium in Nevada increased over 45 percent this year, something Republican attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt was warned about months ago, but failed to take action on.

Instability caused by Washington Republican sabotage is the main reason for rising premiums, according to Nevada officials. Chief among the sabotage tactics is Trump’s decision to end Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR) payments to help keep premiums affordable, shifting the burden onto middle class families and costing the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars.

Laxalt ignored a request last August from the Nevada health insurance exchange director asking him stop Trump’s move to raise premiums on Nevadans. Laxalt’s snub put him to the right of Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, who has supported the CSR payments and slammed Trump’s decision to end them, saying, “It’s going to hurt everybody.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt’s failure to do his job is deeply insulting to every Nevadan who is now struggling to afford doubled health care premiums. Laxalt has no problem using his office to join partisan lawsuits affecting other states, but when it comes to fighting for hard-working Nevadans, he sat on his hands. Nevadans won’t forget how Laxalt turned his back on them this November.”