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How Much Did Roberson’s Recalls Cost Nevada Taxpayers?

The Nevada State Democratic Party filed public records requests yesterday with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office, Attorney General’s office, and Clark County Registrar’s office to find out the total amount of taxpayers’ dollars wasted on the bogus attempt to recall three state senators. This request comes just one day after the recalls against State Senators Joyce Woodhouse and Nicole Cannizzaro failed to get enough signatures. A third attempt to recall State Senator Patricia Farley failed to get enough signatures in November of 2017.

Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Director Alana Mounce released the following statement:

“For the past eight months, Michael Roberson forced the state to waste taxpayer dollars all in hopes of undermining the will of voters for his own political gain. Now that all three of the baseless recalls have failed, it’s time for Nevadans to learn just how much of their hard-earned tax dollars were spent on Roberson’s political agenda. Roberson and his GOP colleagues will be held accountable for wasting Nevadans’ money on a blatant power grab while our classrooms are starved for resources and our roads are in desperate need of repair.”