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VIDEO: Heller Doubles Down Against Clean Dream Act, Keeps Backing Trump on Immigration

The GOP’s most vulnerable senator up for re-election in 2018 is digging in on his support for Trump’s plan to use the fate of Dreamers as a political pawn in order to get funding to build a border wall—something Sen. Dean Heller says he has “always supported.” In a troubling interview with KLAS in Las Vegas, Heller confirmed again that he wouldn’t support a clean Dream Act unless a border wall came first.

For months, Heller has been dodging questions about his stance on the bipartisan Dream Act, even as recently as last week. In February, Heller voted in favor of President Trump’s divisive immigration framework, while voting against both of the bipartisan DACA compromises in the Senate and saying he “didn’t have time to meet with” the bipartisan group of senators working on a viable solution to protect Dreamers.


WALKER: “If the two issues, the border wall is one and a Dream Act or something like that comes up separately as separate issues, would you be willing to take them on separately?”

HELLER: “Probably not. Um, I do believe that border security actually comes first.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“With every passing day, it becomes increasingly clear that Sen. Heller doesn’t care about protecting Dreamers because the only person he’s looking out for is himself. Heller has become such a craven rubber stamp for President Trump that he’s now saying publicly that the thousands of Dreamers who call Nevada home should be used as political bargaining chips. Immigrant families will not forget Heller’s refusal to put partisan politics aside to help pass the Dream Act.”