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Will Heller Join the Calls for Pruitt’s Resignation from the EPA?

As the White House begins probing Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt’s alleged ethics violations, some Republicans in Congress have begun calling for Pruitt’s resignation… the question now is: will Nevada’s GOP Sen. Dean Heller join them? Heller voted to confirm Pruitt last year – in fact, Heller’s voted to confirm every single right-wing, incompetent, and unethical nominee that President Trump has put forward.

Pruitt has become engulfed in controversy over the past few months for wasting taxpayer money on frequent first-class flights, using a loophole to give staff members massive raises, and getting a sweetheart deal on a D.C. condo from a Big Oil lobbyist. Despite the serious concerns and multiple scandals that have plagued Pruitt’s brief tenure running EPA, Heller – per usual – has remained completely silent.

Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement on Heller’s silence:

“As more and more Republicans step up to call for Scott Pruitt’s resignation, Nevadans should pay attention to how Sen. Heller decides to respond. It shouldn’t be hard to speak out against a corrupt member of the President’s Cabinet abusing taxpayer money and engaging in unethical conduct, but Heller keeps reminding voters that he’s too spineless and too partisan to ever dare stand up to this White House.”