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One Month Till NRA Conference, Laxalt Still Won’t Say If He’s Attending

The NRA’s annual Leadership Forum is one month from today, and Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt has still not said whether he’ll attend again this year. Three weeks ago today, Laxalt dodged a question about whether he planned to attend the confab and referred it to his campaign, which said they “are still in the process of looking at the calendar for May” and “plan to make decisions about scheduling in the coming weeks.” It’s been three weeks, and still no decision.

Laxalt’s sudden disappearance from the NRA’s event website led to a flurry of media questions about the circumstances surrounding his photo being scrubbed from the site just days after the Parkland shooting.

Surely the event billed as a “must-stop for candidates” would be a top priority for Laxalt’s schedule, especially when he was a main stage speaker at last year’s NRA confab — the only state attorney general to receive such a coveted slot. Given Laxalt’s chummy relationship with the NRA, even working with them to block a ballot measure to expand background checks in Nevada, why would he leave them hanging on this appearance — especially after all they’ve done for him?