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Laxalt’s Education Plan Gets an ‘F’

As Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt rolls out his education initiative this afternoon, educators across the state are giving Laxalt an ‘F’ for failing Nevada’s students and teachers. Nevada ranks 51st in the nation for quality of education for the second year running, yet Laxalt wants to cut nearly $400 million from the education budget over two years by eliminating a key bipartisan funding source that both the Republican governor and Laxalt’s running mate helped pass with no plan to make up the funding.

“Every day in the classroom, my students work hard to succeed. But Adam Laxalt wants to take away the resources they need to achieve their dreams,” said Assemblywoman Olivia Diaz, a Las Vegas elementary school teacher. “I’m especially concerned about what could happen to our programs for at-risk students or those learning English as a second language — would those get cut if Laxalt slashes school funding? Nevada needs a governor who recognizes the value of investing in our children, and Laxalt clearly does not.”

“Underinvestment in public schools hurts our students, our teachers, and our economy,” said Selena Torres, a Las Vegas high school English teacher and candidate for Assembly District 3. “What teachers need most are the resources to help every Nevada student succeed, but Laxalt wants to rip away funding that has put more qualified teachers in Nevada classrooms. Laxalt’s education plan would drag our state backwards and leave our students and teachers hanging out to dry.”

“As a retired public school teacher of 30 years, I am deeply concerned by Adam Laxalt’s desire to cut nearly $200 million a year from public schools in exchange for a taxpayer handout to private schools,” said Linda Sinclair, retired Reno elementary and middle school teacher. “Adam Laxalt’s education plan would make it harder for children and teachers to succeed, which is one of the many reasons he’s wrong for Nevada.”

We drew up Laxalt’s report card to remind voters just how badly he’s flunking on education reform.