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BREAKING: Laxalt Joins Supreme Court Case in Support of Fake Clinics that Deceive Women

Today, The Nevada Independent reported that Republican gubernatorial candidate and attorney general Adam Laxalt quietly joined an amicus brief in support of an anti-choice group in a U.S. Supreme Court case. Yesterday, the Court heard arguments in the case on a California law that requires so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” to inform women of their option to obtain an abortion, and to disclose if they don’t have medical professionals on staff.

Fake clinics, like the one in Las Vegas Laxalt visited in February, use deceptive and intimidating tactics to dissuade women from exercising their right to choose — including feeding women false information about their pregnancy; using delay tactics to push women past the deadline to obtain an abortion; and misrepresenting themselves as real clinics that offer comprehensive care, even when they aren’t medically licensed.

The Independent story notes that it’s not clear whether Laxalt consulted Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval before adding Nevada to the brief. Earlier this month, Laxalt signed onto a lawsuit without Sandoval’s consent defending a Texas abortion ban that was ruled unconstitutional.

The Nevada Independent: SCOTUS hears arguments in case that sparked abortion fight in governor’s race
By Humberto Sanchez and Michelle Rindels
March 21, 2018


  • It’s unclear whether he consulted with Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, who’s pro-choice, on the matter. Laxalt’s office did not respond to an inquiry seeking comment.

  • Abortion has become an issue in the race to replace Sandoval, most notably when Laxalt visited a CPC in Las Vegas in February.

  • “No doubt [Laxalt’s] actions, as he moves forward, are going to be brought up,” [Sen. Catherine] Cortez Masto said.

  • “We are talking about consumer protections…This an area in which I have fought for the last eight years. I don’t want someone going into one of these clinics thinking they are talking to a doctor when they are not talking to a doctor,” Cortez Masto said.

  • “I think he’s going against the will of the people of Nevada,” [Rep. Dina Titus] said of Laxalt.

  • Caroline Mello Roberson, NARAL-NV’s state director, said that she knows vulnerable women who have been misled in Nevada. […] “When you have an unplanned pregnancy…you don’t need someone to manipulate you and pressure you and tell you things like ‘if you get an abortion, you’ll get breast cancer’ or ‘don’t worry, you’re likely to miscarry anyway.’ These are the types of things I know for a fact have been said to people in Nevada.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt is on an anti-women rampage against the will of Nevadans and without the blessing of Gov. Sandoval. Laxalt’s extreme anti-choice views become clearer by the day as he continues using the attorney general’s office to push his far-right ideological crusade — as he still refuses to own up to his anti-choice positions publicly. Nevada women don’t appreciate being deceived — by fake clinics or by Adam Laxalt.”