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Talk Radio Still Not Sold on Heller’s Backroom Deal for Trump Endorsement

Local conservative talk radio continued pushing back against the backroom deal between the White House and Mitch McConnell to put an end to Nevada’s divisive Republican primary for U.S. Senate. In a new interview with reluctant Congressional District 3 candidate Danny Tarkanian, local conservative talk radio personality Heidi Harris ripped unpopular Nevada Sen. Dean Heller as a pathetic laughing stock and another alligator in the swamp. Listen here.

Tarkanian’s challenge has underscored an issue that isn’t going away in 2018: many Nevada Republicans do not like Heller, and they’re not excited about re-electing him to the Senate. Remember, public polling last fall showed Heller actually losing the primary to Tarkanian. As one upset Nevada voter and conservative talk radio caller warned on Friday: “He’s depressed his base… He’s not going back to Washington. Heller’s done.”

Here are some highlights:

  • Heidi Harris: “Boy, people just don’t want to vote for him, and this is exactly what happened with Joe Heck. So even without in you the race, I don’t necessarily see a clear path to re-election for Dean Heller. [3:22]
  • Danny Tarkanian: “How’s Heller going to make it up if he loses 5 percent or 10 percent of the base?” [4:13]
  • Heidi Harris: “They still hate Heller, and they are probably disappointed that you’re in the CD-3 race.” [6:59]
  • Heidi Harris: “Don’t you think this kind of makes Dean Heller look a little pathetic, that the President had to come in at the last minute and rescue him? I mean that’s how it looks to a lot of people.” [7:56]
  • Heidi Harris: “Honestly, how pathetic does this make Heller look? … Either way, that shows that Heller’s weak.” [9:45]
  • Heidi Harris: “Dean Heller has gotta be looking like the laughing stock of the GOP… I know he’s another alligator in the swamp.” [10:22]
  • Heidi Harris: “I know a lot of voters can’t stand him, they’re ticked off, they feel like he just is go along to get along, and he bashed their president.” [10:35]