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NV Dems Statement on Trump Tweet Supporting Heller

Following a backroom deal between President Trump, Senator Heller, and Danny Tarkanian, Trump this morning endorsed Heller for re-election and pushed Tarkanian to file for Congressional District 3.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement in response:

“Over the past year, Sen. Heller showed that he is completely shameless and spineless. This is a career politician with no core values. From voting to take away our health care to being a rubber stamp for President Trump’s destructive agenda, Sen. Heller did everything he needed to get into the White House’s good graces at our expense. Nevada voters will not forget that Dean Heller is President Trump’s anointed candidate for Senate, and they won’t forget all the ways that Heller sold them out to get this toxic endorsement. Nevada voters rejected Donald Trump in 2016, and they will reject his candidates again in 2018.”