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Laxalt Holds ‘Redundant’ School Safety Summit while Students Across Nevada Call for Gun Violence Reform

Today, while students across Nevada participated in National Walkout Day to protest gun violence, Republican gubernatorial candidate and attorney general Adam Laxalt held a mostly closed-door “law enforcement summit” on school safety where students weren’t invited.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval held a similar event on Monday, and panned Laxalt’s summit, of which Laxalt did not inform him ahead of time, as “redundant of what we’re already doing.”

Laxalt held this “redundant” summit instead of enforcing a ballot measure to expand background checks known as Question 1, which Nevada voters passed in 2016 but Laxalt has refused to enforce, causing Nevada’s gun violence prevention score to drop from a C- to a D.


  • When asked by Pahrump’s KPVM last week if he’d be speaking to students on the issue, Laxalt indicated he was not interested in hearing what students had to say — then held a school safety summit that excluded students on the same morning that students across Nevada participated in National Walkout Day.

  • Laxalt’s “redundant” summit arrived at the conclusion that collaboration between schools and law enforcement is sufficient, meanwhile he has refused to lead on other safety measures like enforcing Question 1.

  • Laxalt declined to answer when asked about his mysterious disappearance from the NRA conference website and whether he had confirmed his appearance before or was still planning to go.

  • When asked about banning bump stocks, which the Las Vegas shooter used to massacre 58 people, Laxalt said his office “has already spoken out” on the issue, but only to request the federal government “evaluate” it, and recently dodged questions on the state’s role in a ban by punting to the federal government.

  • Laxalt said teachers who are retired law enforcement or military should be able to carry guns in schools, but claimed he “hadn’t heard of it” when asked if he was concerned about accidental discharges like what happened in California yesterday.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Instead of doing his job and taking meaningful steps to curb gun violence — like enforcing Question 1 — Adam Laxalt held a pointless meeting so he could pat himself on the back for appearing to take action. As students across Nevada took a stand against gun violence, Laxalt shut himself in a room. Laxalt’s summit was just smoke and mirrors to distract from his total abdication of duty to keep Nevada communities safe from gun violence.”