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Laxalt will fight for Adelson, but not for NV’s legal marijuana industry [Reno News & Review]

Today, the Reno News & Review’s editorial board slammed Adam Laxalt for his failure to fight for Nevada’s legal marijuana industry in the same way he fought for his top benefactor, Sheldon Adelson, when he was caught on tape trying to get the Gaming Control Board to intervene in a lawsuit on Adelson’s behalf.

Laxalt has repeatedly dodged questions on whether he supports allowing marijuana businesses to bank by saying he was waiting to meet with Nevada’s new U.S. Attorney, but when he finally met with her, he refused to comment on their discussion.

Reno News & Review Editorial Board: He’s doing it again
March 8, 2018


  • Laxalt is telling us that he’s still not up to speed on the [marijuana banking] issue three years later, that he wants to consult with U.S. Attorney for Nevada Dayle Elieson, who is—if you can believe it—even newer to Nevada residency than Laxalt himself.


  • Here’s a thought: Laxalt, when he took office, could have designated one of his deputies to inform herself about the issue and then brief her boss. The U.S. attorney for Nevada is not the only person in the republic who is informed on the matter. He has now met with Elieson—and won’t tell the public how it went.


  • When a casino owner, Sheldon Adelson, wanted Laxalt’s assistance, the attorney general hopped to [it] fast, approaching a gambling regulator to aid Adelson.


  • It would be nice if the marijuana industry could get the same kind of service from Laxalt as the casino industry. Instead, his personal political preferences on a Nevada ballot measure are once again interfering with his doing his job.


  • It’s not good for Nevadans when the Nevada attorney general’s office becomes known as a good place to send an issue they supported to die.


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