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SHOT/CHASER: Laxalt pulls a double-dodge on marijuana questions

Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt dodged two separate questions about marijuana banking reforms recently by saying he’s “waiting to meet” with Nevada’s new U.S. Attorney. But when he finally met with her, he was mum.

SHOT: Laxalt dodges questions about banking reforms for Nevada’s marijuana industry by saying he’s waiting to meet with Nevada’s new U.S. Attorney.

Gazette-Journal: Are you going to send a letter to Congress to address banking reforms for medical marijuana, or for marijuana in general?

Laxalt: Yeah, I mean, we’ve talked about that already…With what’s happened at the federal level, I feel it’s more prudent to wait for the opportunity to try to speak to the Nevada U.S. Attorney, and I’ve requested that appointment and hope to be able to speak to her, and I think that will better inform what the best approach is.Reno Gazette-Journal, 1/30/18

Review-Journal: One of those things that those [marijuana] facilities want is the ability to bank. A few weeks ago, 19 attorney generals [sic] signed a letter urging Congress to pass basically a bill that would allow them to access the banking system. You were the only attorney general from a state that had legalized recreational marijuana not to be on that letter. Why not?

Laxalt: I’m waiting to meet with this U.S. Attorney. I think once this Cole Memo came down, there was just this massive knee jerk reaction to what this all means…I want to meet with the U.S. Attorney. I want to understand where all this is headed before we jump out and join a bunch of things and stand on a hill and pound our chest on this thing. We gotta see how this thing’s going to roll out.Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/7/18


CHASER: Laxalt meets with new U.S. Attorney, refuses to comment on what they discussed.

“Attorney general and Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt also confirmed he had met with the state’s new top federal prosecutor.

“‘AG Laxalt met with Interim US Attorney Dayle Elieson last month on a range of law enforcement coordination issues including marijuana enforcement, but will not comment further on the specifics of their discussion other than to say it’s an ongoing conversation,’ his office said in a statement.” — The Nevada Independent, 3/6/18