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McConnell Continues Rewarding Heller in His Primary for His Broken Health Care Promise

Months after Republican Sen. Dean Heller betrayed Nevadans and voted to take away health care from his constituents, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to reward Heller for his vote by helping him in his competitive primary against his conservative GOP primary challenger, Danny Tarkanian. After Heller caved to pressure from Mitch McConnell and broke his promise not to vote for the Republican health care agenda last summer, McConnell’s Super PAC pledged to reward Heller for his health care vote by spending millions for his embattled re-election bid.

Yesterday, McConnell’s Super PAC reported dumping more money on another online ad buy against Heller’s GOP primary challenger, Danny Tarkanian, to try to help drag the unpopular incumbent senator into the general election.

Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Sarah Abel made the following statement on McConnell’s reward:

“Nevada voters will not forget that Sen. Heller allowed his health care vote to be bought by Mitch McConnell and his deep-pocketed billionaire allies. With people’s lives on the line, Sen. Heller decided to put his own self-serving political agenda before the needs of regular families. This Super PAC rescue mission is just another reminder that Dean Heller can’t be trusted because he puts his loyalty to Washington Republicans ahead of doing his job.”