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Laxalt’s Law Enforcement Summit a Weak and “Redundant” Attempt to Distract from Inaction on Gun Violence

In an attempt to appear to do something proactive to combat gun violence, today, Republican gubernatorial candidate and attorney general Adam Laxalt announced a law enforcement summit to examine ways to prevent school shootings in Nevada.

But Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, whom Laxalt apparently did not inform of this summit ahead of time, was quick to point out that Laxalt’s plan could be “redundant” with ongoing state efforts.

Laxalt’s effort rings hollow when he is still refusing to enforce the voter-approved background check expansion known as Question 1, which recently caused Nevada’s Giffords Center gun violence prevention score to drop from a C- to a D. Gov. Sandoval recently told the Nevada Appeal that Nevada “must go beyond” the current focus on schools in preventing mass shootings, and the Las Vegas Sun editorial board said yesterday, “Any discussion about school safety would be incomplete without addressing universal background checks.”

In today’s announcement, Laxalt said he’s “uniquely situated to lead a statewide discussion,” yet just two weeks ago, he said we should “slow down” on exploring ways to prevent another massacre like 1 October, and punted to the federal government on whether Nevada should ban bump stocks, which the 1 October shooter used to murder 58 people.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt’s weak attempt to appear serious about preventing gun violence is insulting to Nevadans. Since the worst mass shooting in American history took place in Nevada five months ago, Laxalt has done nothing, and has even discouraged any discussion at all of how to prevent future massacres. Now, he wants to take credit for holding this summit that focuses on just a small percentage of all mass shootings in the United States. Nevadans want a governor who will be a leader in the fight to stop gun violence in our communities, and Laxalt is just the opposite.”