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Heller Silent on Surge of Corporate Stock Buybacks, Tax Bill Talking Points Falling Apart

It’s been over two months since Republican Sen. Dean Heller’s tax scam was signed into law. So far, the evidence is overwhelming: corporations are using their massive, permanent tax cut to buy back stock and line the pockets of wealthy executives. The numbers don’t lie – the lion’s share of the benefits are going to corporations and their shareholders, not working families. But Sen. Heller has been completely silent about the fact that corporate investment in new stock buybacks dwarfs the amount of money spent on those one-time bonuses.

But who are we to say Dean Heller and his team are deliberately ignoring these facts because it would undermine their partisan talking points about a reckless, fiscally irresponsible bill jammed through Congress? Maybe he just hasn’t read the news in 2018!

Here’s some quick weekend reading material for Sen. Heller: