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“Empty Suit” Laxalt Spotlighted in Divisive GOP Primary

Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt is facing a fresh round of attacks from his primary opponent, Dan Schwartz.

A new ad from Friends of Dan Schwartz blasts Laxalt as “just another empty suit” and asserts that “Adam Laxalt answers few questions and offers no solutions.” “He can’t provide the adult leadership Nevadans deserve,” the ad continues.

Schwartz has cited three instances just from last year to argue Laxalt has proven unable to separate his official office from his political ambitions:

  • Laxalt’s request to state Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett to get involved in a lawsuit between Las Vegas Sands and a former employee

  • Laxalt’s controversial vote in a high-profile pardon case and his attempt to combat ensuing media reports

  • Laxalt asking Reno Mayor Hillary Shieve to not sue pharmaceutical companies after Laxalt took $7,500 in campaign donations from drug manufacturer Pfizer.

But yesterday, Schwartz unveiled a two-page education proposal in his official capacity as state treasurer, making recommendations for “the Governor—whoever that may be,” appearing to also use his taxpayer-funded office to promote his gubernatorial ambitions.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt thinks he can coast to the governor’s mansion on his last name alone, but an increasingly divisive Republican primary reveals that Laxalt is nothing more than a special interest puppet with no original ideas. It’s becoming more and more obvious to voters across Nevada that the Republican choices for governor leave much to be desired.”