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Democrats Blast Nevada GOP for Glorifying Dangerous Extremists

Today on a press call, Nevada Democrats lambasted Nevada Republicans for inviting a trio of dangerous fringe extremists to campaign and fundraise for them in the Silver State. Tomorrow, the Clark County GOP will host Tea Party agitator Allen West for a fundraising dinner, with Dean Heller and Adam Laxalt already confirmed to attend. Earlier this week, it was announced that convicted criminal Joe Arpaio will return to Nevada in May.

Arpaio, who notoriously abused inmates in his custody and profiled Latinos while serving as an Arizona sheriff, has already visited Nevada twice since September, most recently for a GOP fundraiser in Douglas County. That same weekend, the Washoe County GOP hosted right-wing conspiracy theorist and convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza, who drew appearances by Dean Heller, Adam Laxalt, and Wes Duncan.

“Joe Arpaio has no place anywhere, especially Nevada,” said Assemblyman Nelson Araujo, Vice Chair of the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus. “Nevadans pride ourselves on respecting one another, but the Nevada GOP is inviting individuals who are here to divide us and promote hateful rhetoric that will only disenfranchise communities. We have to do all we can to prevent this hateful Trump-Arpaio agenda from leading the conversation.”

“I know firsthand the effects of Arpaio’s hateful and divisive rhetoric,” said Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno, former Maricopa County corrections officer under Arpaio. “Nevada is a diverse community — that’s what makes us great. Inviting someone who has a platform of hate doesn’t help us solve the issues we face — it only hurts our state.”

“Nevada voters showed in 2016 that they rejected Trump’s politics of hate by over ten points, and yet the Clark County Republican Party continues to bring these extremists into our communities,” said Donna West, Clark County Democratic Party Chairwoman. “Now more than ever, Nevada Democrats are fired up to spread our values. We are building on our tremendous success of 2016, and we’re working to build a blue wave to continue to turn Nevada blue in 2018.”

A recording of the call is available here.