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NV gets dismal gun violence prevention score, Laxalt “wouldn’t change anything”

FIRST: Adam Laxalt says “I wouldn’t change anything as governor” to enforce the voter-approved Question 1 ballot measure to expand background checks.

“’They said FBI is going to do this. That’s the way the ballot initiative is written and until the FBI agrees to do that — and all indicators are they aren’t going to — that’s it. I wouldn’t change anything as governor.’” — Las Vegas Review Journal, 2/15/18


THEN: Nevada’s gun violence prevention score drops from a C- to a D due to Laxalt’s refusal to enforce Question 1.

“The [Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence] has put out its annual scorecard, ranking states on their gun laws as the nation is again embroiled in debate about gun policy in the wake of a shooting that killed 17 people at a Florida high school on Valentine’s Day. […]

“Nevada — scene of the Las Vegas concert massacre that left 58 people dead in October — dropped from a C-minus to a D this year, Cutilletta said, because a 2016 voter-approved ballot initiative requiring that private-party transfers of firearms be subject to a background check has not taken effect. The state’s attorney general released an opinion stating that Nevada does not have the authority to conduct the background checks.” — Washington Post, 2/28/18