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NV Dems Call on Laxalt to Fire Top Consultant After Tweet Attacking Parkland Survivor

The NV Dems are calling on Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt to fire his top consultant, personal donor, and 2014 campaign manager Robert Uithoven after he attacked a Parkland shooting survivor on Twitter because of his age.

Uithoven’s attack on someone speaking out against gun violence comes as no surprise. He was the campaign manager for the NRA’s initiative to defeat the Question 1 ballot initiative to expand background checks, which Nevada voters passed and Attorney General Laxalt has still not enforced. Laxalt also worked with the NRA to block the measure, recording an ad for the group’s campaign.

The NV Dems have filed a public records request for all communications between Laxalt’s office and the NRA since Laxalt’s term began in January 2015, to learn the extent of the gun lobby’s influence on the attorney general’s office.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Maligning a teenage survivor of a mass shooting is beyond the pale, but sadly, it’s par for the course for someone like Robert Uithoven who’s been doing the NRA’s dirty work in Nevada for years. Uithoven’s comment is especially offensive to Nevadans, who saw the country’s worst mass shooting take place in our state on October 1. Adam Laxalt should immediately condemn Uithoven’s hurtful comment and fire him to show Nevadans that he stands with all those affected by gun violence.”