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Wes Duncan Attended Secret, Lobbyist Fueled Academy on How to Sell Out Nevadans

According to new reporting by MapLight, Republican attorney general candidate Wes Duncan attended a secret, lobbyist-fueled academy last month where he was taught the ropes on how to sell out Nevadans.

The ‘sellout school’ curriculum included:

✔ How to let wealthy corporations and industries make sure the attorney general’s consumer protection division doesn’t get “too active.”

“‘Certainly one of my goals was not to have a consumer protection division that was active and getting ahead of you,’ said Kilgore, who served as Virginia’s attorney general from 2002-05. ‘We made it clear … that we weren’t going to go after companies unless we gave the approval in the front office.’”

✔ How to let corporate lobbyists do whatever they want with no oversight, so that when your service as attorney general is complete, they’ll help you get a cushy lobbying job representing clients like the Koch brothers and Big Tobacco.

“When RAGA’s policy director, Adam Piper, asked the panel how their offices used to deal with the association’s corporate members, Bruning recommended candidates make lobbyists look good for their clients. ‘It’s very easy, it costs you nothing as AG to be kind and make the guy that’s just the hired help — a guy like me, a guy like us, just trying to make a living — make him look good when you’re AG,’ he said. ‘Because someday you’ll be on the other side. You’re AG but you’re not AG for life.’”

✔ How to keep a “close eye” on your environmental and consumer protection divisions.

“Andy Cook, who served as deputy attorney general at Wisconsin’s Department for Justice, described how his office forced out the longtime director of its environmental protection unit. ‘He worked with environmental groups behind the scenes. And we had to, quite frankly, remove him after a while,’ Cook said. ‘And we had one person in our office watch every case that unit was doing.’”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Instead of committing to increasing consumer protections in Nevada and removing corporate influence over the attorney general’s office, Wes Duncan is getting trained on the same old ‘politics as usual’ approach that his former boss, Attorney General Adam Laxalt, did so well. Duncan’s appearance at this ‘sellout school’ makes it clear that his priority is protecting the profits of out-of-state corporations like Koch Industries over the interests of Nevada families. It’s time to restore integrity to Nevada’s attorney general’s office and elect a champion who will put Nevadans first.”

Read the full story here: Republican Attorneys General Call On Revolving Door Cases For Advice [MapLight, February 21, 2018]