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NEW REPORT: Heller & GOP Making Health Care More Expensive

A new report from the Urban Institute released today shows Nevadans can thank Republican Sen. Dean Heller for driving up health care costs for the middle class next year and threatening the guarantee of affordable coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Sen. Heller’s actions will lead to millions of families losing their health care in 2019.

The Hill: Study: ObamaCare premiums to rise 18 percent from GOP-backed changes

ObamaCare premiums will rise an average of 18.2 percent next year due to GOP-backed changes to the health law, according to a study from the left-leaning Urban Institute released Monday.

The study finds that the combination of repealing ObamaCare’s individual mandate and expanding access to cheaper, skimpier health insurance policies known as short-term plans will lead to the premium increase.

Both of those actions have the effect of leaving fewer healthy people in ObamaCare plans, which drives up premiums for the remaining group of sicker enrollees.

Washington Post: Editorial: This Trump administration health-care rule would return us to the bad old days

For months, health-care experts have been warily watching the Department of Health and Human Services, waiting to see whether the Trump administration would accelerate its reckless campaign to dismantle Obamacare. Last week, they got their answer: The department proposed a disastrous rule that would promote even more turmoil in health insurance markets and harm some extremely vulnerable people.

The department’s plan would allow insurance companies to sell virtually unregulated health policies. This would signal a return to the bad old days when insurers could sharply limit benefits, impose caps on coverage and discriminate against people with preexisting conditions. Obamacare was designed to eliminate the sale of junk health insurance plans that disappear when people need them.

Bloomberg: Trump’s Obamacare Changes to Push Up Premiums, Report Projects

The Trump administration’s efforts to loosen health insurance rules will increase premiums for Obamacare plans by double-digit percentages in most states next year, according to a new analysis by the Urban Institute.

Monthly payments for a traditional health insurance plan sold through Obamacare will go up by 18 percent, on average, in 43 states where there aren’t limits on less-comprehensive but less-expensive coverage the administration is calling for, according to the Washington-based policy group. The institute has previously studied the impact of making changes to the Affordable Care Act or other reductions in coverage.

Expanding access to short-term health policies, which can place limits on benefits and charge higher rates to sick people, draws healthy people out of the insurance pool. The tax law signed in December eliminated the requirement that all Americans have coverage or pay a fine. Combined, the result is higher premiums for those who continue to buy insurance under the law.