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Day After Heller Pledged Loyalty to Trump on Immigration, He Was Dining with Javanka

Just one day after he pledged his loyalty to President Trump on immigration, Republican Sen. Dean Heller was rewarded with fine dining at the “tony Washington home” of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

According to Heller’s wife speaking at a GOP event in Las Vegas last Thursday, Heller was at dinner with Javanka on Feb. 13 – one day after this POLITICO interview where he capitulated to Trump on immigration. Later that week, Heller voted for Trump’s divisive immigration plan and against the bipartisan deals that Trump opposed.

In that same interview, Heller also said he “didn’t have time” to meet with the bipartisan group of senators working on a plan to protect Dreamers. Heller has made his priorities clear: he doesn’t care about Nevada’s Dreamers. The only people Heller will give the time of day are President Trump and the Trump family.

Here’s a timeline of the events leading up to Heller’s immigration vote:

  • Feb. 10: Heller tells a group of Republicans that he “talked to the White House this afternoon” about immigration.
  • Feb. 12: Heller comes out in support of Trump’s immigration proposal and says he didn’t have time to meet with the bipartisan group of senators working on a deal.
  • Feb. 13: Heller is rewarded for supporting Trump’s agenda with a dinner invite from Jared and Ivanka at their house in Washington.
  • Feb. 15: Heller votes to advance Trump’s immigration bill, while voting against multiple bipartisan solutions for Dreamers.