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Heller Sides with Trump, Against Dreamers on Immigration Bills

Today, Sen. Dean Heller voted in Washington against multiple bipartisan solutions to give Dreamers a path to citizenship. Instead, the only bill Heller voted to advance was President Trump’s divisive immigration plan, which failed spectacularly with the least amount of support and numerous Republican senators voting no.

Earlier this week, Heller told POLITICO he was backing President Trump on immigration and “didn’t have time to meet with” the bipartisan group of senators working to find a solution to protect Dreamers. Heller is facing a competitive primary challenge from pro-Trump conservative businessman Danny Tarkanian. While Heller said he had no time to meet with his own Senate colleagues, he apparently had plenty of time to talk to the White House this past weekend about Trump’s immigration agenda ahead of this week’s votes in the Senate.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“With his votes, Heller sent a clear message that he has caved to his party’s leaders and is now only in Washington to be a spineless rubber stamp for President Trump’s divisive, anti-immigrant agenda. Instead of working with his Senate colleagues in a bipartisan way to protect Dreamers, Heller spent this week selling out Nevada’s immigrant families and sucking up to the White House. Heller has become a far-right, anti-immigration hardliner, and voters won’t forget this self-serving betrayal.”