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Does Heller Stand with Trump on Budget to Slash Medicare?

President Trump’s terrible new budget proposal is out – and it includes $237 billion in cuts to Medicare, which would mean slashing health care for Nevada seniors. At a recent event with a Koch Brothers front group, Republican Sen. Dean Heller promised that he would stand up for Nevada seniors, telling families worried about cuts to Medicare they’d be “just fine.” Heller is no stranger to cutting Medicare – he previously voted for Paul Ryan’s budget, which would effectively end Medicare as we know it.

Heller has remained silent so far on President Trump’s proposed cuts to Medicare, which would have a harmful and devastating impact on the state of Nevada. (He also hasn’t commented on the proposed cuts to Medicaid.)

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Just two months after Heller swore that Nevadans had no reason to worry about Medicare cuts in Washington, the White House’s budget proposal proposes slashing billions from Medicare. Sen. Heller’s silence while President Trump pushes these massive funding cuts for Medicare underscores Heller’s spineless behavior. Nevada voters want a senator who will stand up to the Republican Party’s toxic agenda to cut health care, and Dean Heller keeps proving that he’s out of touch.”