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Flashback Friday: Three Years Ago, Schwartz Asked, “Why Are We Spending All This Money on Education?”

Three years ago today, Republican gubernatorial candidate and state treasurer Dan Schwartz came out against Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval’s landmark education investment by asking, “Why are we spending all this money on education?”

Schwartz proposed an alternative to Gov. Sandoval’s budget, which included the Commerce Tax that raises nearly $400 million every two years, all of which goes toward education programs like gifted and special needs education, early learning, and technical education. Schwartz opposed many of the programs included in Sandoval’s education budget, and questioned why the governor wanted to fund an “expansion of the state’s educational system.”

Schwartz’s primary opponent Adam Laxalt also wants to repeal Gov. Sandoval’s signature bipartisan education investment. Earlier this week, Laxalt said in an interview, “I do not believe that more money is the solution to better schools.” Sandoval has said that repealing the Commerce Tax would be “devastating” for Nevada, and that he couldn’t support a candidate who would devastate the state.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Both Republican gubernatorial hopefuls apparently think the solution Nevada’s schools need is less funding. Schwartz and Laxalt’s inability to see the importance of investing in our children’s future is incredibly concerning to Nevada families — and they’ll remember how the Republican candidates failed to prioritize our children’s success come Election Day.”