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Heller Confronted By Nevada Worker Concerned About Paying More Taxes Under GOP Scam

During another disastrous tele-town hall this week, Sen. Dean Heller was confronted by a Nevada union member who explained that the GOP tax bill will cost him more because he will lose key deductions that help him. Heller’s response? “Yeah, yeah. Um. Okay. It may not be as bad, Brian, as you think it is.” Without any self-awareness, Heller went on to suggest his constituent may also work harder and get a better job in the future. Listen to the full exchange here.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Sen. Heller’s suggestion to a Nevada union member that he may need to work harder and get a better job under the GOP tax bill is the definition of how out of touch Washington Republicans have become. Heller’s tax bill is unpopular, not because working families don’t understand it, but because they know it wasn’t designed to benefit them—and that reality won’t go away in 2018.”