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GOP’s Plan to Impose Lifetime Health Care Caps Highlights Heller’s Harmful Priorities

A new report from McClatchy indicates that the Trump administration is actively weighing a plan to impose lifetime caps on access to Medicaid, the joint state-and-federal health care plan for low-income and disabled Americans.

Republican Sen. Dean Heller has a history of embracing his party’s controversial efforts to undermine Medicaid coverage. Last year, Heller broke his promise to Nevadans and backed a toxic health care plan that would have caused the state to lose hundreds of millions of federal dollars for Medicaid and other health care programs.

  • June 2017: Heller blasted the GOP’s initial health care repeal bill, in part because of its deep cuts to Medicaid coverage.

  • July 2017: Heller then signed on to a bill that would gut Medicaid.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Sen. Heller doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to his party, and he’s already shown he will support their reckless health care plans – even if it means increasing costs and slashing coverage for his constituents. With Republicans in Washington moving to implement a lifetime cap on health insurance that could harm thousands of Nevada families, Sen. Heller should stand up against this reckless plan or once again confirm for voters that he’s nothing more than a rubber stamp for the GOP’s toxic health care agenda.”