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Will Heller Support Cruz’s Renewed Push for GOP Health Care Agenda?

The Hill: Cruz pushes to revisit ObamaCare repeal this year

One of Nevada Sen. Dean Heller’s Republican colleagues in Washington— Texas Sen. Ted Cruz— is trying to revive efforts to pass the toxic Republican health care plan in 2018. Just in case Heller is seriously thinking about getting on board with Cruz’s proposal, here’s a recap of how badly Heller handled health care the last time Republicans tried to move forward with the GOP’s agenda of spiking costs and slashing coverage…

Heller became Democrats’ number one target:

Roll Call: Democrats Zero In on Heller as Senate Starts Health Care Votes

POLITICO: Heller defends health care vote amid Democratic attacks

KNPR: Heller Fires Up Democrats Over Healthcare, Head of DNC Says

Heller lost whatever credibility he had left:

CNN: Nevada’s Heller dogged by summer of reversals on health care

HuffPost: What The Hell Was Dean Heller Thinking?

TPM: After Medicaid Dance This Summer, Heller Backs New Bill That Would Gut Medicaid

MSNBC: Nevada’s Dean Heller is at war with himself over health care

Nevada voters were furious with Heller for caving:

KVVU Las Vegas: Ranters sound off on Sen. Heller and health care

KKOH Reno: Healthcare Protests Planned For Reno and Las Vegas This Weekend

Los Angeles Times: Sen. Dean Heller votes to debate Obamacare repeal bill, and Nevadans give him an earful

The Hill: PPP poll finds Heller approval rating falling to 22 percent

Progressive groups launched brutal attacks:

@Alex_Roarty: @prioritiesUSA continues Dem attack on Dean Heller, running this digital spot for 3 to 5 weeks in Nevada, per spox

@RalstonReports: And a six-figure TV/digital buy coming from Save My Care vs. Heller:

Las Vegas Sun: ‘Save my son’s health care’: New TV ads seek to pressure Heller

Nevada Republicans revolted at Heller’s equivocating:

New York Times: Dean Heller’s Party Loyalty Not Enough to Stop a G.O.P. Primary Challenge in Nevada

@DannyTarkanian: NV @SenDeanHeller voted AGAINST @randpaul Obamacare repeal bill today, the same bill he voted FOR just 2 years ago. #NVSEN

@ColtonLochhead: Nevada arm of the Koch Brothers-funded @AFPhq on the offensive against @SenDeanHeller after he voted against 2 Obamacare repeal bills today

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“In the past year, Sen. Heller has broken his promise to protect our health care, repeatedly lied to his constituents, and voted to increase insurance premiums for thousands of Nevadans. As Dean Heller and his Senate colleagues weigh yet another attempt at reviving the reckless Republican health care agenda, Nevada families know they can’t count on Heller to stand up for them against this latest political crusade against the Affordable Care Act.”