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Shot/Chaser: Schwartz Touts “Accessibility” on Campaign Trail, Then Ignores Reporter Inquiry on Trump’s Medicaid Waivers

SHOT: Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Schwartz touts accessibility on campaign trail. From The Nevada Independent, Jan. 21, 2018:

“The decorum devolved a bit, as the handful of Legion members and Schwartz go back and forth in a free-wheeling exchange about issues that have varying degrees of relevance to the governor’s race. Finally, one Legion member calls out a question above the other voices.

“‘I have a very very simple question. Are you going to be accessible?’ the man asked.

“The treasurer is ready on this one.

“‘There are a couple people running in this race OK? One is totally inaccessible. I’ve put out my cell phone publicly. Call it, OK? How’s that?’ Schwartz said, adding ‘don’t bug me.’”

CHASER: Schwartz joins his primary opponent, serial question-dodger Adam Laxalt, in ignoring a media request asking for his position on Trump’s waivers that allow states to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. From The Nevada Independent, Jan. 22, 2018:

“Under Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, Kentucky is the first state planning to require Medicaid recipients to work or do community service activities in order to receive their health benefits, with some exceptions for people who are medically frail, pregnant or caregivers.

“A governor, through his or her Department of Health and Human Services, is able to unilaterally apply for a waiver that would allow their state to impose such requirements on Medicaid recipients. They don’t need the Legislature’s approval to do so.


“Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s campaign didn’t return requests for comment, and his primary opponent, Republican Treasurer Dan Schwartz, also did not respond to requests for his position on the issue.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Dan Schwartz touts his brand as an unfiltered, accessible politician while bashing Adam Laxalt for hiding from voters, but today he joined his elusive opponent in evading a question on his policy platform. Why should voters trust that Schwartz would be more transparent than Laxalt if neither GOP candidate will say where they stand on Trump’s partisan effort to make it harder for those in need to receive health insurance? Nevadans deserve a governor who doesn’t shy away from the important questions.”