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NV Dems Chair Calls on Republicans to Denounce Roberson’s “Lesser Humans” Remark

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement in response to audio exposing Republican Senate Leader Michael Roberson calling Democrats “lesser humans” at a GOP event where other Republican candidates for statewide office were present.

“The Nevada Republican Party should be ashamed of Roberson’s cheap and vile comment. Partisan politics aside, no one should be thought of as any less whether they are Republican or Democrat. While Roberson has since doubled down on his insult, we’ve heard crickets from other Nevada Republicans. It should not be difficult to condemn something so divisive and wrong.

“Adam Laxalt, Dan Schwartz, Dean Heller, Danny Tarkanian, Wes Duncan, and every other Republican candidate must denounce Roberson’s offensive and inexcusable remarks — not doing so would amount to tacit endorsement. Voters deserve to know whether Republican candidates share Roberson’s view that nearly half of Nevadans are second-class because of their political beliefs.”