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Wes Duncan: Just Another Adam Laxalt

Last weekend, at a Republican Party event in Eureka, GOP candidate for attorney general Wes Duncan said this about running for the state’s top law enforcement position:

“I want to carry on the legacy that Adam [Laxalt] started in the office.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“We’ve known that Wes Duncan is just Adam Laxalt 2.0, but now voters don’t have to take our word for it. Duncan has now proudly tied himself to every incompetent, short-sighted, and dogmatic aspect of Laxalt’s legacy. Laxalt is the most right-wing attorney general in Nevada’s history — a distinction Duncan would gladly embrace himself if elected. Nevadans deserve an independent-minded attorney general who will fight for them, not a Laxalt lackey who would bring more of the same.”

Here are just a few elements of Laxalt’s legacy that Duncan apparently wants to continue:

  • Trying to intervene in a lawsuit and abuse the powers of his office on behalf of his biggest donor, billionaire Sheldon Adelson.
  • Casting the only ‘no’ vote against pardoning an innocent man (after first trying to abstain), then proceeding to hide his reason for his vote and attempting to use his official staff to handle press inquiries on the matter.
  • Attacking immigrants by joining a lawsuit opposing Pres. Obama’s DACA-related executive action — with the goal of deporting DREAMers — and then failing to join another lawsuit challenging Trump’s move to end the program.
  • Crusading against the Affordable Care Act and ignoring a state request to join a lawsuit to protect federal cost-sharing payments that keep insurance markets stable and keep providers in Nevada, despite Gov. Sandoval’s warning that ending the payments would “hurt everybody.”
  • Pledging to repeal Gov. Sandoval’s historic, bipartisan investment in public education, much to the governor’s chagrin.
  • Using the attorney general’s office for political gain by pushing a partisan ideological agenda against Planned Parenthood in Nevada.


Audio recording of Duncan available upon request.