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Where Does Heller Stand on Joe Arpaio’s Senate Candidacy?

GOP senators are already dodging questions about Arpaio’s campaign, and Heller has been silent

It’s been 24 hours since racist and corrupt ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio announced he’s running to be Arizona’s next senator, and – surprise, surprise – all we’ve heard from Sen. Dean Heller is cricketsLike most GOP senators, Heller apparently doesn’t want to talk about Joe Arpaio’s candidacy. Heller had criticized President Trump’s decision to pardon Arpaio last year… but with polls now showing Heller losing to a Trump-inspired primary challenger, will Heller break his silence and condemn Arpaio’s campaign?

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Former sheriff Joe Arpaio is a convicted criminal and hateful racist who spent his career ripping apart immigrant families and terrorizing the Latino community, and he doesn’t belong in the Senate. It should not be hard for Sen. Heller to say publicly that he doesn’t want to serve alongside Joe Arpaio – someone who embodies prejudice and bigotry. Nevada voters won’t forget it if Dean Heller is too spineless to reject Joe Arpaio’s divisive candidacy.”

Talking Points Memo: Republican Senators Don’t Want To Talk About Joe Arpaio’s Candidacy


Published JANUARY 9, 2018

Sheriff who?

Senate Republicans aren’t exactly eager to discuss former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s (R) newly declared Senate campaign.

Arpaio, a deeply controversial former Maricopa County sheriff who President Trump pardoned after Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court for refusing to obey a court order to stop racial profiling, announced Tuesday that he’ll run for the Senate.