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Tension Between Laxalt And Sandoval Comes to an Awkward Head at Public Meeting

Today, during a meeting of the Nevada Board of Examiners, outgoing Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval threw a barb at right-wing attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt on his desire to repeal the Commerce Tax, one of Sandoval’s signature achievements and a key source of public education funding for the state.

At today’s meeting, during which Sandoval and Laxalt were the only board members present, Sandoval asked Nevada Superintendent Steve Canavero what would happen if the education initiatives funding passed in 2015 was “diluted,” according to Michelle Rindels of The Nevada Independent.



In response, Canavero said reducing education funding that revenue from the Commerce Tax provides would be “detrimental” and would “impair our ability” to help Nevada’s students. He added that the funding is a “stone in the pathway to modernizing the Nevada Plan,” the state’s funding formula.  Sandoval then asked Laxalt if he had any questions about the education funding initiatives, to which Laxalt said no.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Laxalt is so far to the right that a basic discussion of education funding with Sandoval has created an embarrassing and awkward moment for him. Sandoval shows no sign of softening his disdain for Laxalt’s candidacy, which will continue to be a major weakness for the attorney general. What’s more, Laxalt’s lack of interest in learning more about major policy initiatives will come back to bite Laxalt when voters determine that his willful ignorance disqualifies him from the highest office in Nevada.”

According to Sandoval, the Commerce Tax on large corporations raises nearly $400 million every two years, all of which goes toward education programs like gifted and special needs education, early learning, and technical education.