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Nevada GOP’s Infighting Worsens as Schwartz Calls on Laxalt to Resign

Republican infighting in Nevada’s race for governor keeps getting worse – this time thanks to State Treasurer Dan Schwartz’s renewed allegations of corruption against his GOP rival, Attorney General Adam Laxalt.

On Friday, Schwartz called on Laxalt to withdraw from the governor’s race and resign as attorney general. Schwartz cited multiple scandals that have emerged this year showing Laxalt’s inability to separate his political ambitions from his official duties as attorney general.

Reno Gazette-Journal: Schwartz calls on Laxalt to step down, citing “integrity” questions raised by RGJ report

“There’s a real integrity question here, and it’s focused on (Laxalt’s) ability to separate his state office from his political ambitions,” Schwartz added. “I see this as a political issue where the attorney general can’t separate himself from his campaign.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Schwartz calls for Laxalt to quit governor’s race or resign as AG

Schwartz said Laxalt in three instances this year has demonstrated that he can not separate his official office from his political ambitions, citing Laxalt’s request to state Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett to get involved in a lawsuit between Las Vegas Sands and a former employee, his controversial vote in a high-profile pardon case and his attempt to combat ensuing media reports, and him asking Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve to not sue pharmaceutical companies after Laxalt took $7,500 in campaign donations from drug manufacturer Pfizer.

“There’s been enormous conflict of interest throughout,” Schwartz told the Review-Journal.

KOLO Reno: Schwartz to Laxalt: Resign and drop out of governor’s race

Damning allegations in the run for Nevada’s Governor. One Republican candidate calling for Attorney General Adam Laxalt to not only suspend his campaign, but also to quit his position as the state’s highest law enforcement officer.


“But do the people of Nevada really want a Governor who is motivated by political contributions?” Schwartz asks.

AP: Nevada treasurer calling on state Attorney General to resign

Schwartz, Laxalt’s opponent in the Republican primary election, says the attorney general has shown he cannot separate his official duties and his campaign.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Nevada’s race for governor continues to be dominated by allegations of Adam Laxalt’s unethical behavior, even within his own party. Instead of talking about the issues facing Nevada families, Laxalt has been preoccupied with trying to defend his repeated lapses in judgment and improper use of his taxpayer-funded office to further his political ambitions. Voters across the state will recognize that Adam Laxalt can’t be trusted to put their best interests ahead of his political career.”