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Heller’s Tax Bill Keeps Getting Worse for Regular Families

While Washington Republicans continue to negotiate the final passage of their tax scam, details continue to emerge about how the rich will get *even bigger tax cuts* in the tax bill that Senator Heller helped write — while it looks like many regular families could now wind up facing tax increases even sooner. Of course, the defining characteristic of the GOP’s tax plan is massive, permanent corporate tax cuts that will explode the deficit.

So far, Senator Heller has been conspicuously silent on these harmful changes happening behind closed doors. What will it take for him to finally refuse to support this terrible and massively unpopular bill?

Washington Post: GOP considers letting tax cuts for families expire sooner

Congressional Republicans are looking at shortening the duration of tax cuts that their plan would give to families and individuals, a leading lawmaker said Thursday.

That change would free up more revenue for additional changes to their tax overhaul, but it could also heighten complaints that the bill prioritizes cuts for corporations over households.

Under a tax overhaul bill passed by the Senate earlier this month, tax cuts for all American households would expire at the end of 2025. But Republicans are now considering having those tax cuts expire in 2024.