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Heller Prioritizes Tax Cuts for Rich Donors Over Reauthorizing CHIP

It’s been 11 weeks since Senator Dean Heller and his Republican colleagues failed to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), threatening tens of thousands of low-income Nevada children who count on CHIP funding for access to health insurance. Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval even joined 11 other governors from both parties this week to ask Congress to make it a priority to reauthorize CHIP as quickly as possible.

Instead of fixing this disaster, Senator Heller has prioritized passing a bill that will give his rich donors massive tax cuts at the expense of Nevada’s working families.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement on Heller’s misplaced priorities:

“Senator Heller’s misplaced priorities have jeopardized children’s health insurance for the sake of ramming through the Republican tax bill before Christmas. It’s disturbing that Senator Heller has allowed health care for thousands of Nevada’s most vulnerable kids to hang in the balance because he’s so desperate to please his rich donors and pander to Republican primary voters. It’s time for Dean Heller to put the brakes on this reckless tax bill and focus on fixing his party’s failure to protect children’s health care.”

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Heller Sent A Fundraising Email Proclaiming That His Two Priorities Were “Making Sure We Get President Trump’s Judicial Nominees Confirmed” And Passing Tax Reform Focused On “The Middle Class And Small Businesses.” “These are my priorities: 1. Making sure we get President Trump’s judicial nominations confirmed. 2. Getting tax reform passed that’s focused on the middle-class and small businesses. Until we do these two things, I will push Congress to work 24/7 (nights, weekends, holidays) … whatever it takes to get this done. That’s why I’m putting more pressure on Congress by going on TV.” [Heller for Senate, Fundraising Email, 11/7/17]