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DIGITAL FAIL: New Twitter Poll Backfires Spectacularly for Dean Heller


A Twitter poll posted by Dean Heller’s campaign account backfired spectacularly today, proving just how out of touch he’s become in Washington. A whopping 89 percent of the 8,727 respondents selected “other” as the most important issue for Congress to get done before Christmas – a harsh rebuke of Heller’s primary pandering on taxes, judges, and immigration, and a reminder of his party’s failure to reauthorize CHIP or pass a clean DREAM Act.

The reaction on Twitter to Heller’s poll was brutal – here’s a sample:

.@hdubtre: I’ve got a few “other” ideas:

Restore cost-sharing payments on the health exchange – keep premiums from going up 30% next year

DREAM Act, or Clean DACA & TPS fix at the minimum

Children’s Health Insurance Program

Avoid a Shutdown

Protect the Special Investigation into POTUS

@BethanyKhan: Other: 1) Pass a clean Dream Act 2) Sign onto legislation protecting Nevadans who have Temporary Protected Status (TPS) by co-sponsoring the SECURE/American Promise Act S 2144.

@lpackard: There’s a whole laundry list of things you should be doing, but you could start with not trying to take away my & millions of other Americans’ healthcare to pay for tax breaks for billionaires.

@JaredBusker: How about reauthorizing CHIP? How can Tax Reform, Confirming Judges, and Stopping Sanctuary Cities be more important than children’s heath?

@KimKennedy06: You removed from your seat but I guess we can wait until next year.

@L8est: You’re kidding, right?

@KevinI: How about passing the Dream Act instead of that huge giveaway to rich people you are supporting that will cost you your seat next year?