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VIDEO: In Telling Exchange with Jon Ralston, Gov. Sandoval Implies He Could Not Endorse Adam Laxalt

According to new video from last week’s IndyTalks event hosted by The Nevada Independent, Jon Ralston pushed term-limited Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval on whether he would endorse his fellow Republican, Attorney General Adam Laxalt, to succeed him. The exchange that follows leaves little room for interpretation — Sandoval thinks Laxalt is the wrong choice for Nevada’s next governor.

Ralston himself drew the same conclusion in his Sunday column:

And although he clearly loves Paul Laxalt, Sandoval obviously has no affection for his grandson. When I asked if he would endorse Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who wants to get rid of the Commerce Tax, Sandoval at first demurred saying he hadn’t made a choice and would “see what the candidates have to say.”


The lion in winter does not want the grandson of his political hero to be his successor.

Watch the revealing Q&A here and read the transcript below.


Ralston: Are you gonna endorse Adam Laxalt to succeed you?

Sandoval: I haven’t endorsed anybody. And, as I said, I’m gonna wait to see what the candidates have to say. But I’m not gonna support a candidate that’s gonna seek to undo what we’ve done in the past seven years. I’m not gonna do it.

Ralston: Do you consider repealing the commerce tax undoing what you’ve done?

Sandoval: Yes.

Ralston: So then you won’t endorse him, cause that’s what he’s proposed.

Sandoval: Well, you know, I’ll have a conversation with him about that. This isn’t the first time I’ve said that. But I think — and you’ve heard me say it — I think it would be devastating to our state —

Ralston: You can’t endorse somebody who [would] devastate the state, could you, Governor?

Sandoval: No.

Watch the entire video of Ralston’s interview with Sandoval here.