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Sandoval Declines to Endorse Laxalt, Slams Candidate for “Devastating” Proposal to Undo Progress

Last night, during an event in Las Vegas with Jon Ralston, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval declined an opportunity to endorse his fellow Republican Adam Laxalt for governor, saying he could not “support a candidate who seeks to undo what we’ve done the past seven years.” Gov. Sandoval also strongly implied that he could not support Laxalt’s campaign because of his plans to cut education funding by repealing a bipartisan initiative passed in 2015 to make large corporations pay their fair share to invest in Nevada’s public schools.

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However, when asked whether he planned to endorse favored Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt, who has stated one of his goals as governor will be to repeal the Commerce Tax spearheaded by Sandoval, he said he “hadn’t endorsed anybody.” Sandoval said he will wait to see what the candidates have to say but that he would not “support a candidate who seeks to undo what we’ve done the past seven years.”

Asked whether he considers repealing the Commerce Tax undoing what he has done over the past seven years, Sandoval said yes. He said repealing the Commerce Tax would be “devastating” for Nevada.

Asked whether he could support someone who would devastate the state, Sandoval said no.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Governor Sandoval continues to make it abundantly clear that he is not on board with Adam Laxalt’s right-wing campaign for governor. This is an embarrassing development for the Laxalt campaign and a reminder to voters that he would drag Nevada in the wrong direction because of his far-right ideological agenda. If even the current Republican governor thinks Laxalt’s agenda would be devastating for education, why would voters trust him?”