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Polls Confirm Heller’s Tax Plan Is Massively Unpopular

If Dean Heller weren’t locked in a vicious primary with conservative businessman Danny Tarkanian, he would probably rethink his decision to brag about helping write the Republican tax scam… Polls keep showing clearly and consistently that the GOP’s agenda on taxes is already extraordinarily unpopular with voters.

Voters strongly oppose the Republican tax plan:

  • Gallup: 56% of Americans oppose the Republican tax plan, including a majority of independents.

  • Quinnipiac: 64% of American voters say the Republican tax plan benefits the wealthy the most. Voters say 61-34% that the Republican tax plan favors the rich at the expense of the middle class.

  • Quinnipiac: Twice as many voters believe their taxes will increase rather than decrease under the Republican tax plan. A plurality of voters now trust Democrats over Republicans to handle taxes.

  • Reuters/Ipsos: When asked “who stands to benefit most” from the plan, more than half of all American adults say the wealthy or large U.S. corporations.

  • POLITICO/Morning Consult: Republican voter support for the GOP tax plan is eroding sharply.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“No matter how hard Senator Heller and his special interest allies in Washington try to peddle this tax bill, regular people are seeing right through their lies and broken promises. The Republican tax scam is a boon for billionaires and giant corporations and a raw deal for working families. Nevadans know this harmful tax bill is more proof they can’t trust Senator Heller to put the middle class ahead of the wealthy donors filling his campaign coffers.”